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Everyday an average of
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Mission & Vision

  • Quality

    As in the world, we have the principle of offering the highest quality water treatment equipments in Turkey together with high technical support.

  • New Technologies

    Bnreo is targeting reverse osmosis, water softening, ion removal, final purification systems. Our goal in sales and marketing is to present new technologies and equipment to our customers.

  • Healthy Life

    We aim to add value to your health with the slogan "For healthy life, drink healthy water".

  • Recycle

    The wastewater, which is the result of industrial and domestic activities, can be recycled by using the necessary treatment systems according to their characteristics. In this way, the water used in the operation is brought to the desired quality and criteria with less cost.

The Advantages of Water Treatment

 It provides you with the healthiest drinking water because it purifies all the harmful substances that may be found in the water. Under which conditions it is filled and through which steps it escapes the use of the demijohn water that comes to your house. It is ideal for high blood pressure patients with low potassium and sodium content. It provides less rapid absorption and leaves less work in the kidneys and intestines. Kanda circulation speed is much faster than other waters, gives the body vigor. It facilitates the removal of harmful mixtures from cells. There is no risk of having any micro-organisms. It does not contain harmful mixtures such as arsenic, nitrate, lead, mercury, asbestos and so on.

  It contains very small amounts of calcium and magnesium ions. The taste is similar to the best-selling soft spring waters, and even more beautiful because it is fresher than them. The most delicious sudder for your taste buds. Drinking is soft and pleasant. All drinks made with water, such as tea and coffee, will preserve the natural smell and taste, and will help to get the actual color. And water treatment devices, which have many features that we can not count, in short, produce the most reliable drinking water for health.

You have heard about the brand that sells many bottles of water, that the prices are too high, that the bottles are dirty, or that a constant price increase policy has been implemented, you have heard from around the world or from news. With a quality water purifier, you can be sure that the water you drink is reliable and you can save money economically. You can make a valuable contribution to your budget by getting rid of drinking water costs for many years. In general, if a family would look at the water consumption of the minimum carboy; Average weekly average of 18 tl per month is 72 tl and annual amount is 864 tl. It costs so much to drink healthy water that consumers burn their pockets. It is obvious that the cost of a quality water treatment device will depreciate itself within 1 year. The water purifier will save you at least 864 TL every year in the following years. Many institutional workplaces use huge amounts of water treatment equipment to save a lot of money, and for many, it saves the cost of bottled water. In terms of energy saving, there are also benefits of water treatment devices. It is even the only white goods water treatment device that contributes to the user's budget. As the water from a quality water treatment device is much softer, the boiling point is 30 percent faster so that it consumes high amounts of energy and lowers the amount of bills paid while preparing beverages with the most intensive human consumption, such as tea and coffee made with food and water.

To take orders from people who do not know you and especially those who have acted under the name of a suicide in the cases of extortion that occurred in recent times, to carry water from the markets, to have a detergent and water pump under the floor in your kitchen, You will. And most importantly, you will have a great advantage both financially and spiritually because you are producing your drinking water in your own control in terms of health and economy.

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